Renata Ferri, the chief picture editor of IO Donna and AMICA, is part of the jury of Premio Canon Giovani Fotografi for emerging photographers and portfolio reviewer for Cortona On The Move. Here is what she told us.


1. A visual presentation of yourself.

© Mattia Zoppellaro

© Martina Bacigalupo

Here are a few things to give you a glimpse of what I do.

The first portrait was shot by a friend, Mattia Zoppellaro. He took it while I was taking a break from COTM 2016’s knackering portfolio reviews. It’s my homage to COTM.
Then you’ll see Martina Bacigalupo’s portrait. She is a Vu’ photographer and she shot the Canon campaign #liveforthestory. I enjoy getting involved and playing with photography.

After that you’ll find my texts. The first is an editorial I wrote for Il Fotografo, a magazine directed by Denis Curti. Denis did not give me any specific leads. I don’t know why, but I ended up penning a love declaration.
In addition there are my features and a couple of texts I wrote for IO Donna e Amica, the magazines I work for. Sometimes I play serious, sometimes I actually am.


2. Your plans for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Monday (ndr we talked with Renata on Sunday) and I am back in the newsrooms. At IO Donna (the weekly insert of newspaper Corriere della Sera), we have to sketch out the next issue: we kick off with meetings to gather ideas and images for the cover, the news stories and the interviews.
I have to edit the work that will be published, that means reducing the number of images, thinking about the opening statements, verifying that I have all the information that I need for each photograph and making sure that the hi-res are there when needed.
I might need to work on an assignment for a portrait of somebody we will be interviewing. Monday is all about talking, we discuss ideas and projects and we start working on the flatplan, which is the backbone of the magazine and the place where we start designing the issue.
At Amica, I need to translate and adapt the long captions of Simon Roberts’ “Merri Albion” which will be out in the May issue. It’s a decade-long visual trip across the UK which aims to highlight its anthropological aspects, by looking at the human and physical landscape.
I need to double check the layout with the art director and I hope it will stay the way we set it before. If the editors are ok with it, I will send it to Simon to see what he thinks of it and if he’s satisfied. I like sharing and explaining the process of how photographs migrate from an exhibition, or a book, to a newspaper and to publishing, especially when it’s about Amica, where I’m given space to publish research-oriented works.


3. Your three milestones.

Political activism, to understand and to change the world.
Human relations, to share knowledge and practice.
Curiosity (exasperated and obsessive), and thus photography as a means, as a filter, as a code, as a chance to explore.


4. The last picture you posted on Instagram.

The magazine cover of Archivio: it’s produced by a group of people I respect and edited by Alba Solaro, a friend I think highly of.


5. The last flight you boarded.

Di ritorno da Parigi per Paris Photo, novembre scorso. È un periodo stanziale. Sto ristrutturando una casa a Milano, forse metto radici?


6. A photographic project.

A lot, too many!

My first: “Underground” by Marco Pesaresi, a great on the road production with my symbiotic travelmate who was a great visionary. It was 25 years ago. We were young, the same age, almost twins, like-minded. I’ve not lived in such a perfect harmony ever since.

© Marco Pesaresi

© Marco Pesaresi

© Marco Pesaresi

My most recent: Umberto Coa’s exhibition at Fotografia Europea 2018. It’s an archive and fiction-based project to reenact a story of anarchy and activism.


7. If you were not a photo editor, you would be a…

I would be a journalist: actually I already am a journalist, so I can say I am coherent with myself. If we are talking about dreams, I’d say a trapezist, an acrobat, a ballet dancer, a gymnast, a skater.


8. Beyond photography: three cultural highlights.

Punk, rock and Jazz. In this order. Occasional bouts of classical music.
Writing, poetry in particular.
Tarantino’s, Leone’s and Wachowski’s films.
The internet.
Above all, human relations, but these do not come with a link.


9. ONTHEMOVE means…

“Sì, viaggiare rallentando per poi accelerare. Con un ritmo fluente di vita nel cuore” (Lucio Battisti)
(“ Yes, to travel slowing down to accelerate again. With the fluent rhythm of life in your heart.”)



Renata Ferri (1964, Rome, Italy), journalist, has been living in Milan since 2005. She’s currently the chief Picture Editor of Io Donna, women’s weekly magazine of Il Corriere della Sera and AMICA, the monthly magazine of Rcs Mediagroup.
In 1991 she joined Contrasto as editor-in-chief, coordinating about 40 photographers; since 1999 she also directed the rising of their digital database. For fourteen years, she followed all of Contrasto photographers’ projects, from the conceiving to the editing through the distribution. She has been a member of the jury in many photographic awards and has edited several photographic books, writing their introductions.
In 2006 she organized the extensive exhibition Altri mondi, focused on photojournalism over the last three decades throughout the work of Italian authors.
In 2008 she joined the Reflexions Masterclass project, curated by Giorgia Fiorio and Gabriel Bauret. In 2009 she took part to a WPP educational project in Angola. In 2010 she organized for FNAC Italy a series of workshops with the most important photographers and curators out of photography. Renata is the art-director of Atri in Motion annual projections, held during the ReportageAtriFestival. edition 2009 and 2010. She teaches in specialized schools and universitary courses and follows several authors’ photographic projects on a regular basis.
She was member of the prestigious jury of World Press Photo Contest 2011 and 2012.



kublaiklan è un collettivo che realizza progetti curatoriali, educativi e di comunicazione in ambito fotografico. I membri (Rica Cerbarano, Francesco Colombelli, Laura Girasole, Aleksander Masseroli Mazurkiewicz e Marco Spinoni) si sono conosciuti nell'ambito del Festival internazionale di fotografia Cortona On The Move.