Cortona On The Move was born in 2011 from an idea of the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE whose goal is to spread and promote contemporary photography in search of new visions and original forms of visual communication.

Antonio Carloni and Arianna Rinaldo, in the role of director and artistic director until the 2021 edition, have placed contemporary documentary narration at the center of the festival’s interest, with particular attention to the incessant evolution of visual language, making Cortona On The Move an international reference point.

This philosophy will continue to permeate the research conducted by the new direction of the festival, entrusted to Veronica Nicolardi and Paolo Woods, and will be increasingly directed towards the production and realization of original and unpublished content. The festival thus becomes a protagonist of the photographic production at international level and a reference for photographers, curators, authors, critics as well as for a wide public. Alongside the great national and international professionals of today’s photographic world, the festival brings together journalists, critics, directors, cartoonists, writers and musicians to tell stories with words, videos, sounds and images.

In a historical moment in which photography represents the most contemporary and universal means to apprehend the world we live in, the festival makes it accessible and comprehensible to the general public and turns it in a driving force for exchange and cultural growth.

Cortona On The Move celebrates through images, creativity, shares stories, develops skills and enriches the lives of visitors. All of this takes place in the medieval town of Cortona, whose artistic heritage the festival has been enhancing since its first edition: the Fortezza del Girifalco, a fortified structure of Medicean origin that overlooks Cortona, historical buildings and evocative open spaces. A frame that contributes to give richness and expressiveness to the photographic works.