We asked 9 questions to the Happiness On the Move 2017 award winner, whose winning project #instagrampier will be exhibited at COTM 2018.


1. A visual presentation of yourself.

I wish I knew your name, Japan 2009-2013

Fuorinovanta, Milano 2013-2015

2. Your plans for tomorrow.

Easy-peasy, I’m going to the #instagrampier, as I did today and the day before.


Me at the pier, immagine a sinistra © Mark Teo


3. Your three milestones.

I think I’ve still got two to go. The first milestone was my decision to pursue photography on a full time basis, after my PhD in engineering. If I hadn’t done so, I would not be as free as I currently am.


4. The last picture you posted on Instagram.

I posted two:

profilo Instagram dedicato al progetto #instagrampier IG: @insta_pier

profilo Instagram personale, IG: @fotografante

5. The last flight you boarded.

Lately I haven’t boarded many flights. But I’ve boarded plenty of ferries, Hong Kong – Lamma Island and return.

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

6. A photographic project you wish you had developed.

Nobuyoshi Araki’s Sentimental Journey/ Winter Journey, it’s pure poetry.


7. If you were not a photographer, you would be a…

I’d make a living out of walking.


8. Beyond photography: two cultural highlights.

For the lifestyle: Bill Cunningham New York by Richard Press.
For my stubbornness: The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino.


9. ONTHEMOVE means…

Personally, I’m often on the move, but I reckon I tend to go back to places where I’ve been before, to look at them better and to relive past sensations. To me, one visit is never enough.

Pierfrancesco Celada (1979, Varese, Italia) is currently based in Hong Kong. After completing a PhD in Biomechanics, Celada is now concentrating his attention in a long-term study of living conditions in the most densely populated urban centers.
He has recently been selected to take part in the European Photo Exhibition Award 03 (EPEA03) with his project “Milano, Hinterland”, with exhibitions in Paris, Viareggio, Hamburg and Oslo. He won the Happiness ONTHEMOVE Award (2017), the Photolux Leica Award (2014) and the Ideastap and Magnum Photos Photographic Award (2011). His work has been exhibited and published internationally including Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Lightbox, i-D, Vogue, Amica, D-Repubblica, Bloomberg Magazine.



kublaiklan è un collettivo che realizza progetti curatoriali, educativi e di comunicazione in ambito fotografico. I membri (Rica Cerbarano, Francesco Colombelli, Laura Girasole, Aleksander Masseroli Mazurkiewicz e Marco Spinoni) si sono conosciuti nell'ambito del Festival internazionale di fotografia Cortona On The Move.