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The Forest Knows

The forest knows Photography exhibition by Cortona On The Move and Seed Festival, organised by OTM Company in collaboration with Aboca and Fondazione Guglielmo Giordano. Project by Nicolò Lanfranchi & Davilson Brasileiro, photographs by Nicolò Lanfranchi, curated by Paolo Woods.

The Forest Knows is a true story hidden in the forest. It is the story of the Asháninka people of the village of Apiwtxa in the Acre (Brazil), founded by the Piyãko brothers in Brazil, protagonists and visionaries of our time. Benki Piyãko, one of the eight brothers, a shaman and environmental activist who is now followed far beyond the borders of the forest, has led a reforestation campaign in the Amazon, planting millions of trees with his own hands and fighting to preserve the territory and culture of the Asháninka, involving international organisations, Hollywood stars and ordinary citizens in this mission. His work, along with that of his brothers, has transformed a once devastated land into a lush forest of food, fruit and medicinal plants. The village of Apiwtxa has thus achieved food security and autonomy, and its people have been able to maintain a balance between their way of life, their culture and modernity. Thanks to this experience, the community of Apiwtxa has become an example for all indigenous peoples, showing that it is possible to protect nature and keep their traditions alive.

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