A chat with the World Press Photo 2018 finalist, who exhibited at COTM 2017.


1. A visual presentation of yourself.

© Adam Ferguson


2. Your plans for tomorrow.

I’m typing this on a plane that will land in Nigeria and by the time I exit the Airport it will be tomorrow. I’ll get six-hours sleep at a hotel then I’ll come back to the airport and fly to Northern Nigeria.


3. Your three milestones.

  • When my little sister was born
  • Catching a wave for the first time
  • Be published on the cover of Time Magazine in 2009 with a photo from Afghanistan.


4. The last picture you posted on Instagram.

A photo I made of a huge excavation blast at an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I actually made it last year but it’s part of a project I am working on in Australia. It received an award from Pictures of the International, so I posted about it.


5. The last flight you boarded.

I guess I already answered that. I do way too much flying. The flight before this one was yesterday – New York to Istanbul.


6. A photographic project you wish you had developed.

Donald Weber’s recent project “War Sand”. Weber takes the contemporary landscape and forms a narrative with microscopic remnants of WWII while juxtaposing these two with images from popular culture that fictionalise the D-Day landing. It’s a beautiful narrative about war, but also about photography and representation.


7. If you were not a photographer, you would be a…

Maybe a writer or a painter. I like to feel autonomous and create things that provide glimpses into the human condition. I value the meaning of communication. Although if I had my time again I would pursue purely art, it feels a higher calling than journalism.


8. Beyond photography: three cultural highlights.

  • Orwell’s “1984”
  • Radiohead’s “OK Computer”
  • Bukowski’s “Roll the Dice”


9. ONTHEMOVE means…

Discovering something I connect with and diving deep into it, something fleeting but powerful, like a moment photographed.



Adam Ferguson (b.1978) was born and grew up in regional New South Wales, Australia before studying photography at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. After graduating he travelled from port to port through the Caribbean and Mediterranean as crew on a sailboat to fund the start of his photographic career.
Ferguson first gained recognition for his work in 2009 when he embarked on a sustained survey of the US-led war in Afghanistan. Since that time he has worked internationally with a focus on conflict, contributing to The New York Times, Time Magazine and National Geographic, amongst others.
Over the years he has been the recipient of awards from World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, Photo District News, National Portrait Gallery of Australia, American Photography and his photographs have been included in several solo and group exhibitions worldwide.
He lives in Brooklyn, New York and is working on two monographs: a war diary of his time in Afghanistan and a critique of contemporary regional Australian identity.



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