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Sara Ruggeri and Irene Fassini

Tempo di ritorno


Tempo di ritorno is an audiovisual exploration of the Sibillini mountain communities (Central Appennine, Italy), hit by 2016 Central Italy Earthquake. Between video, photography and archival research, the artists focus on the historical memory of a territory that will never exist again and the appropriation of the new landscape after the earthquake.

While in the background we see the process of abandonment and depopulation of the small villages of the Apennines sharpened by the earthquake, the project explores the strong belonging to these territories through oral tradition. The legends and myths of young shepherds, and fairies are revitalizing the spirit of this land. These are still living thanks to the new generation that resist on a territory that nowadays many have abandoned.

Irene Fassini is an editor, filmmaker and audiovisual producer based in Milan with degrees in photography and video from the Cfp Bauer and the ICP, as well as a PhD in Anthropology. She has previously worked in the field of migration and human rights. Her passion and profession revolve around communication and social issues. She collaborated with Prospekt Photographers and works as editor and reporter at PopEconomy.

Sara Ruggeri (1988, Italy) is a filmmaker and video producer based in Milan.
She holds degrees in Architecture and Construction Engineering from the University of Trento, and in Photography from the Cfp Bauer. Her research on landscape and its connections with personal and collective identities is at the crossroads of these fields. She is a video reporter for PopEconomy and carries on long-term documentary projects and audio-visual training activities in cooperation with research centers.

Sara and Irene are the co-founders of AISLAB, a multimedia storytelling collective focusing on stories at the crossroads of Anthropology and Architecture.