Arena – Video and Beyond

Curated by Screen
Sponsored by

Canon Cinema Eos

Arena – Video and Beyond is a new section at Cortona On The Move festival showcasing experimental video, installation and transmedia works created by photographers at the intersection of photography, film and technology.

Photographers have had amazing opportunities to experiment with video over the last decade thanks to affordable cameras. Video and installation work coming from photography background is different from what exists in the well established film, broadcasting and contemporary art markets. Photographers have been developing a new visual language within the moving image. However, this work rarely gets a dedicated space within the photography industry.

Starting with the 2018 edition of the festival, Cortona On The Move is taking on a commitment to provide a platform to showcase and discuss groundbreaking work coming from the photography community. Photography is our alphabet and here at Cortona On The Move we feel it necessary to explore its multiple forms and functions and follow the transformations of the visual language. Venturing into the world of cross-platform storytelling is a new step for us and a big challenge. New approaches and technologies change our way of seeing and understanding the world and offer new opportunities of engaging with the audience and broadening our viewership, which is at the heart of our goals as a photography festival.

The projects selected by Liza Faktor and Amber Terranova of Screen and featured in the inaugural Arena – Video and Beyond at Cortona On The Move explore the notion of ‘otherness’ by subjecting the viewer to experience the lives of marginalized and misunderstood communities and beings, both humans and animals, in a non-didactic observational way. The stories presented take us to places and subjects we might know little about but are able to view and connect with in an original manner.

Screen is a visual storytelling production company. We produce narratives and communication projects across media, film, art and performance platforms to inform diverse audiences about human condition. Our work ranges from exhibitions and cultural events, to short films, video installations, community engagement projects and immersive transmedia narratives. Our mission is to build and support the network of visual artists and documentarians who work across platforms.