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“#instagrampier” is a place of transition between real life and the virtual world of social media, a ‘shared’ portraiture of contemporary life. In the past few years the Pier, a public cargo pier located on the west side of Hong Kong Island, has raised to fame as the “Instagram Pier”. Every day, a great number of instagrammers, photographers and curious gather daily at the Pier, especially at sunset, to take selfies and scenic photos, attracted by its unique view to Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour. Because of the nature of the place, and to initiate a direct conversation with other instagrammers, I have begun curating the Instagram Pier’s own Instagram account (IG:@insta_pier #instagrampier).

Pierfrancesco Celada Winner Happiness ONTHEMOVE Award

Pierfrancesco Celada (1979, Varese, Italia) is currently based in Hong Kong. He’s now concentrating his attention in a long-term study of living conditions in the most densely populated urban centers. His work has been exhibited and published internationally including Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Lightbox, i-D, Vogue, Amica, D-Repubblica, Bloomberg Magazine.