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“Some years ago I found out there is a shelter for victims of human trafficking in Amsterdam. I wanted to know more and started researching. Soon the idea of a portrait series of victims came to mind. I was sure I was not the only one who knew close to nothing about the world of human trafficking… It started by visiting the shelter weekly to get to know everybody who worked and lived there. Gaining trust was most important. It took a lot of tea, coffee and a fun fashion shoot with the girls to get them on board.”

“Sold” is a series of anonymous portraits of victims of human trafficking. The portraits are shot in the shelters where these women and men temporary find safety and a home. And, maybe, the start of a better life.

Ernst Coppejans Selected for NEW VISIONS 2018

Ernst Coppejans, (1974, Wissenkerke, The Netherlands), after a career in product design graduated from the PhotoAcademy Amsterdam and has been working as a freelance photographer ever since.

The people, the lives they live and the choices they make, fascinate him. His concepts emerge from his own experiences and curiosity about the lives of extraordinary people. The strength of the underdog is the central theme in the work of Ernst Coppejans.