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Make a Wish

“Make a Wish” is a photo essay looking at the hopes and dreams of youth, aiming to create a testimony of our time. It’s inspired by the fact that youth should be the age of infinite possibilities. Most of the project has been shot in the Middle East and in situations linked to the Arab Spring revolution or in conflict zones where young people too often are deprived of their right to be young. The Arab Spring catapulted a taste of freedom in people across a region so long affected by dictators, Western foreign policies gone awry and poor social development. Spring turned to summer, fall and winter, months turned to years and the original revolution into something much different from the ideals of freedom shouted at squares across the region.

Loulou d’Aki Winner of the 2017 Photobook Prize

Loulou d’Aki (1978, Malmö, Sweden) is a documentary photographer, born and raised on the Swedish seaside. She graduated in photography at ISFCI in Rome, Italy and has since then lived and worked across Europe, North America, Japan and the Middle East.
She was a singer before she became a photographer. She speaks Swedish, English, Italian, French and gets by in German and Hebrew.