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Paolo Pellegrin


Curated by Annalisa D’Angelo and Arianna Rinaldo

“L’Altro” is a work produced for the Cortona On The Move festival, which reflects on the effects of the novel coronavirus and social distancing.

In early 2020 Pellegrin was in Australia documenting the consequences of the fires. When the pandemic became a worldwide concern, he and his family decided to stay together, and over the next two months of lockdown it felt natural to turn the lens on their daily lives.

A year later, the newfound urgency to reflect on COVID-19 met the festival’s proposal. After working on the intimacy of family relationships, Pellegrin decided to deviate from a documentary approach to the pandemic by portraying multitudes of people out of focus and in black and white, alternating urban landscapes and close-up portraits. Faces emerging from the dark, wrinkled foreheads and mouths, always hidden behind masks. These images, realized in Italy, aim to narrate the weakening of human relationships, the fear of others, the distances we impose on ourselves or that are imposed on us. The face is the first instrument of dialogue with which humans show themselves, express themselves, reveal themselves to the other and to themselves.

Paolo Pellegrin (Rome, Italy, 1964) is an Italian photoreporter well known all over the world. From 2005 he has been a member of the Magnum Photos agency.