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Oliver Clasper

The Spaces We Inherit


The Spaces We Inherit is an audio-visual installation that explores the historical legacy and contemporary significance of lynchings and racial violence on the people and the landscape in the United States. The installation features photographs that show the exact or approximate location where individuals were lynched between 1864 and 2017, reflecting not just the universality and mundanity of physical space but the simultaneous nature of presence and absence: what is both seen and not seen. In addition, the installation features a soundscape created out of field recordings from numerous lynching sites and related spaces in America, and a short film created from archival footage.

Oliver Clasper (1983, UK) is a visual artist and journalist whose work has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Vice, Southern Cultures, and The Financial Times. He has previously worked as a news editor at The Associated Press; a researcher for Human Rights Watch; and as a production assistant and sound recordist on the acclaimed documentary The Act of Killing. For more information about the project and the sites, including historical background and suggested reading, please visit: