Maurizio Berlincioni

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In 1982, Maurizio Berlincioni published Fotocoppie, a book in 1,000 copies that became a coveted rarity. Over the course of three months, forty couples of friends and acquaintances posed for him on the famous lip-shaped sofa. The subjects are all portrayed following the same format: they sit next to each other, hands on their knees, looking towards the camera, their expressions neutral, their bodies naked. The book is bound only at the sides, so that when leafing through it, the pairs become interchangeable, offering the viewer endless possibilities to create new combinations. At the beginning of a decade that would see the rise of hedonism, Berlincioni’s photos celebrate the uniqueness of normality.


Maurizio Berlincioni (1943, Florence, Italy) began photography at the end of the 1960s. He is a photojournalist whose research is devoted to the relationship between people and the context in which they live.

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