Rehab Eldalil
From the Ashes, I Rose من الرماد نهضت
Inside the Medici Senza Frontiere hospital in Jordan

MSF and Cortona On The Move have renewed their collaboration by creating for the first time an original production entrusted to Rehab Eldalil. Pursuing her own distinctive photographic style, the Egyptian artist has realized a project at the MSF Hospital for Reconstructive Surgery in Amman, Jordan.
Eldalil challenges the traditional documentary style by directly involving the community she photographs in the creative process, thus achieving layered narratives that weave together images and mixed media materials.
By employing this participatory, multidisciplinary approach, From the Ashes, I Rose من الرماد نهضت places the hospital patients at the center of the story and celebrates their resilience and strength.


Rehab Eldalil (1989, Cairo, Egypt) is an award-winning documentary photographer, visual artist and educator. She develops personal projects, works with NGOs, and contributes to publications that document human and environmental issues in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

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