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Linda Dorigo

The Missing Tape


The Missing Tape is the story of a migrant worker and the loved ones he left at home waiting for him. The project features archival materials from the working experience of the artist’s father who had been in Ryazan, Russia in 1986-1987 to make a living for his young family.

The project invites the viewer to meditate on the current migration issue. It seems that we had forgotten from where we come from, our relatives’ working experiences around the world to build a better future for the family. Dorigo found the letters her dad and mum wrote to each other and the feelings that emerged out of their correspondence have guided the visual narrative. The melancholy, the nostalgia, the absence: all communal feelings amongst the expats, today as in the past.

Linda Dorigo is an independent photojournalist and filmmaker based in Rome, Italy. She has focused on the Middle East since 2009 combining social and anthropological reporting with slow photojournalism approach. Her research focuses on faith, minorities and land.Linda shot and directed Safar-e sabz, a short film about the impact of the 2009 Green Revolution on Iranian youth and is currently working on her first long-length film The Missing Tape, an intimate family story. In 2015 Schilt Publishing published her book Rifugio. Christians.

Editors: Maria Clara Anicito, Mattia Visintini
The Missing Tape documentary film is currently being produced by Zalab