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The Sentinels: Electrosensitivity in Italy

With the spreading of wireless technology, the world’s population is increasingly exposed to high frequency electromagnetic fields. Electrosensitivity (ES) is a non-recognized disease characterized by hypersensitivity to high and low electromagnetic radiations. ES is characterized by a wide range of symptoms that may involve the nerves and cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and neurologic systems. In Italy the statistics are alarming and the percentage of sick people is estimated around 4% of the population.

More and more people suffer from this disease and are forced to radically change their lives and to a partial or complete isolation from society. People who are not able to leave the place that makes him/her sick trie to find relief through self-made expedients; others develop symptoms of depression and abulia. These people are called sentinels because they are considered the ones who feel today what will potentially become a widespread phenomenon in the next years.

Claudia Gori Selected for NEW VISIONS 2018

Claudia Gori (1986, Prato, Italy) is currently working as freelance photographer in Italy focusing on personal projects and stories about psychological and social conditions of people. Her pictures appeared in publications such as CNN Photo Blog, The Wall Street Journal, Grazia Italia, R2 La Repubblica and have been exhibited in Italy and abroad.

In 2016 she’s nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass of The World Press Photo. In 2017 she’s among the finalist of the Pesaresi Award and in 2018 she’s shortlisted at the Sony World Photography Award in the Contemporary Issue.