Alessandro Cinque
Atrapanieblas (Fog Nets)

The Amilcare G. Ponchielli winning project – 19th edition
Curated by Barnaba Ponchielli | GRIN – Gruppo Redattori Iconografici Nazionale
With the support of WeWorld Onlus

Atrapanieblas (Fog Nets), literally “fog catchers,” documents the nets system used to collect water in Peru. In Lima, water management is a priority, particularly in peripheral areas where the municipal water system is absent. “Fog nets” are capable of channeling almost 200 liters of water per day. They are installed on the hills surrounding the city, occupied by migrants from the rural hinterland. This project focuses on the challenges faced by a community that wants to live with dignity, and at the same time highlights their proud resilience and communal spirit.


Alessandro Cinque (1988, Orvieto, Italy) is a photojournalist who explores environmental and socio-political issues in Latin America. In 2023 he won the WPP and the Sustainability Award at the SWPA.

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