Pelle Cass
Crowded Fields

In the reshuffled timeline of Crowded Fields, play prevails over competition, and whole games are shown out of sequence. Most of the pictures were taken at sparsely attended events at pools, fields, stadiums and arenas at colleges around Boston. To make his compositions, Pelle Cass puts his camera on a tripod, takes thousands of pictures, and compiles the selected figures into a final photograph that is a kind of still time-lapse. The aim is to convey a sense of play, the eeriness of time, and a feeling of Dionysian chaos.


Pelle Cass (1954, Brooklyn, New York) is a photographer present in several collections, such as Fogg Art Museum and MFA, Houston. His images have been published in Beaux Arts, GQ, The Economist, and many other publications.

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