Valery Postharov
Father and Son

Winning project of the second edition of COTM Award

As a father of two growing boys, Valery has come to realize how quickly the day will arrive when they will no longer need him. Inspired by this thought, he initially set out to photograph his 95-year-old grandfather and his father holding hands. The project soon grew into something much bigger, involving other fathers and sons from nine different countries, all portraying this intimate gesture in front of the camera for the first time in years, sometimes decades. The pictures stand witness to the profound, even uneasy love between fathers and sons. Father and Son highlights the singularity of identity shaped by family, religion, customs and gender norms.


Valery Poshtarov (1986, Dobrich, Bulgaria) is the son of an artist father and a poet mother. He has won a SWPA (Professional Portraiture category) and a Cortona On The Move Award.

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