Gabriele Basilico

In 1978 Gabriele Basilico participated at the group exhibition The Margin of Freedom/Object: Comparing Interpretations with a symbolic and ironic project. While pondering on the relationship between the chair/object and the human body, he was reminded of the amusing and grotesque marks that highly textured chairs leave on the bare bodies of bathers in the summer: an actual “contact” print. The idea to make a studio reconstruction of this sequence of marks turned out hilarious and, in order to capture the texture more effectively, he works with a PN55 black and white Polaroid film, an instant negative of exceptional sharpness and softness. Exceptional models helped him: friends, assistants, the suppliers of the chairs themselves.


Gabriele Basilico (1944–2013, Milan, Italy) after 1973 subsequently devoted himself to photography. His preferred areas of research were the form and identity of cities and the changes taking place in the urban landscape.

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