Marco Tiberio & Maria Ghetti
Invisible Cities Calais

This project is a photographic archive of the Calais refugee camp in northern France, which was always known as The Jungle and presented as a “real estate listing”. Between 2015 and 2018, thousands of shelters dotted the landscape, cobbled together from whatever came to hand. Marco Tiberio and Maria Ghetti decided to portray the houses built by the migrants. In their vision, each house, tent and hut reflects not only the culture and experience of the person who built it, but also their aspirations. Their work celebrates the human need for comfort, dignity, and security.


Marco Tiberio (b. 1988, Ravenna, Italy) is a typological photographer and visual researcher based in Amsterdam.
Maria Ghetti (b. 1988, Ravenna, Italy) is a Creative Strategist and Art Director based in Amsterdam.

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