Gerald von Foris
One Day, Son, This Will All Be Yours


Gerald von Foris conceived the project One Day, Son, This Will All Be Yours when he took on the care of his sick father. In his house, he found some threadbare kitchen towels. The cloths are an allegory of the decay of the human body and mind, of aging and dementia. He takes the kitchen towels out of his father’s home, photographs them, and discovers both the pain made visible through their relentless unraveling, as well as the beauty which could only have emerged through the wear and tear of life itself.
Before his father passed, Gerald von Foris returned the cloths to their place. What remains is an inkling, the elusive weave of what once was.


Gerald von Foris (b. 1968, Munich, Germany) is known for his style of portrait photography, for his documentary work, and for self-published art projects.

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