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Photo Annual of Local Sporting Legends


“Photo Annual of Local Sporting Legends” is a project undertaken by Juri De Luca with the backing of Cortona On The Move and Cortona’s municipality.

De Luca portrays this sporting enterprise from a provincial viewpoint – his sportsmen appear as legendary Olympic champions kicking a dangerous ball away from their area of a suburban playing field. Each day a new legend is born because you can still be a hero without winning the game.
The project turns the spotlight on the heroes of sport by celebrating and portraying their stories of success and failure, their great efforts, their falls, their comebacks and passions. An annual of talented sportsmen portraying not only the events they participate in, but above all their ability to inspire cheerfulness and fun, joie de vivre and irony.

 Juri De Luca

Juri De Luca (1976, Arezzo, Italy) started teaching himself photography at the age of 16. He moved to Milan in 2005 and started work in the field of fashion photography, specialising in still life. He has worked for magazines such as Glamour, Vogue Gioiello, Vanity Fair and National Geographic.