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Revising History

“Revising History” is a study on photography, the nature of the vernacular image, and its role in creating cultural allegories. Vernacular images create cultural narratives that we tend to trust. The danger in this is we seem to have forgotten that the picture liberates the moment from reality, erases vantage, and is inevitably susceptible to a co-opted or underwritten fantasy. The work is a performance that results in a series of photographs that appear as records of time, place, and circumstance, but that are photographic impersonations. I acknowledge that I create images that are a product of my bias, but I conclude that no photograph has ever been made without a bias. A photograph is a subtraction. It plucks one moment away from its context and appropriates that moment to suit an intended narrative.

Jennifer Greenburg

Jennifer Greenburg (1977, Chicago, USA) is an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Indiana University Northwest.
Her work is part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Museum of Photographic Arts, Light Work, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Ontario. A full-length monograph, “The Rockabillies, 2009” by Jennifer Greenburg was published by the Center for American Places.