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Puree with a Taste of Triangles

I like to try something that I didn’t do before, to expand the perception of the world. I explore the theme of uniqueness and diversity of each person, the connection between inner and external world. I break the conventions in which I was placed and try to create my own rules of communication with the universe. I am inspired by the idea of combining incompatible, creating something out of nothing, amazing coincidences which then develop into unique stories.

Alena Zhandarova

Alena Zhandarova (1988, Birobidzhan, Russia) is a young Russian artist. She studied Fine Art Photography at the European Institute of Design in Madrid.
She is the winner of the LensCulture Student Award and Luceo Award, honorable mention at Encontros da Imagem Festival in Portugal, finalist of Arte Laguna Prize in Italy and finalist of Photovisa Festival in Russia.