As It May Be

Bieke Depoorter has traveled to Egypt regularly since the beginning of the revolution in 2011, in times of turmoil and suspicion, where private life is often shielded. She asked people she met by chance if she could spend the night at their homes. Women, their husbands and children shared their daily life, their food and even their bed with her. Nevertheless, the consciousness of her status as an outsider, both culturally and as a photographer started to grow. In 2017, she revisited the country with the first draft of this book, inviting others, to write comments directly onto the photographs. Contrasting views on country, religion, society and photography arise between people who would otherwise never cross paths.

Bieke Depoorter Winner of the 2018 COTM PhMuseum Grant

Bieke Depoorter (1986, Kortrijk, Belgium) received a Master’s Degree in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2009. When she was just 25 years old, she joined the Magnum agency, of which she became a nominee in 2012 and a full member in 2016.

For the “Ou Menya” series, the young artist travelled for three months in Russia guided by the Trans-Siberian Railway. This work won her several awards, including the Magnum Expression Award in 2009. Her first book, Ou Menya, was published by Lannoo in 2011.
For the long-term project entitled “I am about to call it a day”, Depoorter went to the United States. A book of the same name was jointly published in 2014 in Switzerland and Belgium. Depoorter finalized her first shortmovie “Dvalemodus” in 2017, which she directed together with musician Mattias De Craene. “As it may be” is Depoorter’s newest book, published by Aperture, Editions Xavier Barral and Hannibal.