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It’s What I Do

When I began contemplating the idea of showing Lynsey’s work in Cortona, I had never met her personally. Nonetheless she felt like someone close. Someone I could very easily be friends with and have a glass of wine talking about the last movie we saw. I had seen a few videos and interviews online featuring her relentless spirit, her uplifting attitude and restless photojournalistic mission. When I read her book, “It’s What I Do”, I felt even more interested in her work and her persona. She was a champion of focus, commitment and bravery paired with positive attitude and a very human heart.

We also had some things in common. She is a freelance working mom, like me, more or less my age. We share friends on Facebook, and often read and “like” the same articles on photography and news. However, Lynsey, for me, is a heroine. She travels the world non-stop to be a witness to social injustice, war and humanitarian tragedies and many other neglected issues, giving voice to people and light to places, that are left in the shadow when the media frenzy fades. She shares her knowledge and vision generously with viewers around the world. There was no doubt that I wanted to bring her work to Cortona On The Move.

And when I rst spoke to her on Skype, well, I was even more certain we could probably share a whole bottle of wine together, not just a glass! Charismatic, easygoing, fun, available, focused: the perfect qualities for a friend and certainly essential for a photographer. She immediately agreed to be part of the festival and offered time and images, in between a craze of travels and assignments. Editing Lynsey’s work was a big challenge. Not only does she span from women’s issues to con ict, from famine to the wounded military, but is a proli c shooter and frequently returns to the same location over the years. The amount of work and images she can offer is overwhelming. And the subject matters are not easy to browse through quickly. They all take time to process, to sink in. Some images stayed in my retina for days and “haunted” the nal editing decisions.

This show is not a retrospective but a broad glance over the main subjects that interest Lynsey and to which she has dedicated time and vision. There is no chronological order, no precise geographical division. Walking through these rooms you will be shocked by silent and violent images of war, wounded rights and human suffering. Your heart will grieve while looking into the eyes of women who have been raped only because they were on the other side of the barricade. You will cry when confronted with the most absurd of deaths, the one that happens after giving birth in some parts of the world. You will be in awe in front of the resilience and strength of men and women seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

And nally, you will be moved by Lynsey’s vision. By her passionate voice and her powerful witnessing of the world, the injustices and the suffering. By her generosity and her commitment to show and tell the world in an honest and direct way. Because that is what she does.

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