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One is the only country to have tested nuclear weapons in the 21st century. The other is the first country to have tested and used them. North Korea and the United States are at two ends of the nuclear equation – but today are locked in a dangerous cycle of threats and counter-threats. Documentary photographer Sim Chi Yin travelled 6,000 kilometers along the China-North Korea border and through six states in United States, to create a series of images reflecting on humans’ experience with nuclear weapons, past and present.

Sim Chi Yin

Sim Chi Yin (1978, Singapore) is a visual artist and documentary photographer. She is from Singapore and has been based in Beijing for the past decade. She works focusing on history, memory, conflict, and migration and its consequences. She was commissioned as the Nobel Peace Prize photographer in 2017 and created a solo show for the Nobel Peace Center museum in Oslo on nuclear weapons.