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Serena Vittorini

En ce moment

“Right now, I’m scared. I don’t feel safe. I’d like to feel close to you.”
This is the beginning of some dialogues between Serena Vittorini – protagonist and director of En ce moment – and Ophélie, the French young woman with whom she has chosen to share lockdown, at the beginning of their love story.
Making videos inside an apartment in Brussels, the protagonists live an intense and complex relationship in which fears and mistrust emerge as a legacy of their previous experiences, transforming the filmic narration into an opportunity to reread the existential questions and doubts that relationships bring at any time and at any age.

Serena Vittorini (born in 1990) is a visual artist based in Brussels. At the beginning of her research path, she has been interested in the analysis of the processes of modification of places and the relationship between human presence and representation of urban space.