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Domenico Camarda, Alisa Martynova, Irene Fenara, Francesca Pili, Vaste Programme, Martina Zanin, Elena Zottola
Curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi

Reaching its eighth edition, Giovane Fotografia Italiana is a project dedicated to the discovery and promotion of the best emerging talents of contemporary photography in Italy. The format includes a call for submissions – targeted at artists under 35 years old who use photography as a medium – for projects that reflect on the theme of this year’s edition, and in line with the general theme of Fotografia Europea.

Reconstruction explores the ways in which artists can combine photography and imagination to attempt a more authentic understanding of reality, by breaking down and reassembling information and knowledge. They demonstrate that photography is able to take part to the cognitive process not only by by representing reality that can be observed through the eyes, but also, from that standpoint, by reconstructing reality in its multiple dimensions through imagination.

With Liquido, Domenico Camarda reflects on the concept of identity which, like reality itself, has multiplied, expanded, leaving space for a world that is undefined, where invariability is replaced by a variety of possible forms.
Irene Fenara with Three Thousand Tigers highlights how technology changes the perception of the world. Starting from images of a tiger, an animal in danger of extinction but over-represented in our imagination, she creates new images by use of an algorithm that underlines the distance between us and reality.
Nowhere Near by Alisa Martynova attempts to rebuild the imagination of those who have decided to leave their homeland and what remains of their dream of a different life once migrants have reached their destination, exploring their inner world. Francesca Pili with #Abruxaus denounces with bitter irony the plague of arson that afflict Sardinia as well as many other areas of the planet, offering a reflection on the controversial relationship between man and nature, subjected to the logic of consumerism.
With The Long Way Home of Ivan Putnik, Truck Driver, the Vaste Programme collective (Leonardo Magrelli, Alessandro Tini, Giulia Vigna) investigates the mechanisms and the role of images by presenting the photographic archive of an imaginary character who drives across Siberia on a truck, giving life to a narration crossing the classic genres of photo album, travel diary and verofiction, through images and memories carefully selected by the authors.
I Made Them Run Away by Martina Zanin is a multi-level story that investigates through images and correspondence letters the dynamics of modern relationships, focusing on themes such as love, fantasy, illusion, identity.
The Creation of the World Is an Ordinary Day by Elena Zottola is a work-performance conceived in Estonia and materialized in the artist’s postcard. Inspired by an ancient Baltic tale on the origin of the world, this photographic project is the mean for the formulation of a new multicultural and collective tale, devoid of any language barrier, form or content.