The exhibition Trilogy is a three-fold investigation. It explores the reality of power in the political, economical and religious worlds. The first volume is published in 2007: Protokoll. Christian Lutz thus invited himself in the suitcases of the ministerial delegation and documented its various official activities during three years. Tropical Gift, dealing with the oil trading in Nigeria, is released as the second stage of the investigation, in 2010. The first two parts of this trilogy of power have been widely exhibited worldwide, establishing Christian Lutz as an eminent photographer.

The fate of his yet unreleased third series, In Jesus’ Name, is quite different. Christian Lutz spent a year within a Zurich-based evangelical community. Celebrations and rock concerts, summer camps and blood donation rallies: he photographed all the events he was invited to attend. However, a Zurich Court of Justice banned the book immediately upon its release in November 2012 because twenty-one people appearing in the volume filed complaints to protect their image; complaints that were carefully orchestrated by the Church’s managers. The book was pulled from distribution.

Trilogy by Christian Lutz


Trilogy  by Christian Lutz

Number of photo

30 (plus an additional 10 censored-unmounted images, available with italian text, to be discussed with the author)




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Frame size

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Linear development

33 m minimum required linear space (plus an additional 11 m if censored images are included)

Shipping crates:

N°2 , total weight = 130kg

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