Taking My Time

Taking My Time is a retrospective exhibition of world-renowned American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, specifically created for Cortona On The Move 2013. From the beginnings in New York in the 60s to his latest productions. A diverse body of work that has at its core the concept of ‘movement’, considered as that fleeting ,joyful, tragic, or irrelevant moment that catches the photographer’s eye and becomes the heart of every shot.

‘Movement is everything to me; it is Life itself, it traces the disappearing moment, and it, along with Time, is the essence of the Photographic experience. And more than anything else it was the reason I began to make photographs 50 years ago, just moments after watching Robert Frank shoot a small publicity job for me. I was struck by the wonder of the simple fact that he ‘moved’ while he was photographing people that were moving! That was it! I quit my job, borrowed a camera, went out on the streets of New York City, and never looked back.’ (Joel Meyerowitz)

The retrospective exhibition consists of black and white and color images taken between 1962 and 2011 and the reportage realized in Ground Zero after September 11th, 2001. Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, before (from 23.01 to 7.04.2013) and then the international festival of photography Cortona On The Move 2013 (from 18.07 to 29.09.2013), dedicated a retrospective to this work, setting a record.

Taking my Time by Joel Meyerowitz


Taking My Time by Joel Meyerowitz

Number of photo

48 images


19 black and white
29 color


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Frame size

See technical rider

Set Up

Photos are printed on Canson Infinity high quality paper (Platine Fibre Rag 310 g/m2) and assembled on artisan white fir – wood frames (gauge 30mm) with pane (gauge 30mm).
Panels: intro, bio (text in appendix) and title, must be printed at the expense of the hosting organization

Linear development

56 meters, minimum required linear space.

Shipping crates:

N°8 , total weight = 500 kg

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