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2017 edition

Cortona On The Move

July 13 / October 1 2017

Director Antonio Carloni
Artistic Director Arianna Rinaldo

“The 2017 edition of Cortona On The Move marked an important phase in the Festival’s growth, both for its content and the number of visitors. Strengthened by 6 years of experience, this year’s edition made a leap forward, accepting the challenge of presenting itself as a groundbreaking festival with respect to the languages of photography that describe our world”        

With these words, Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director of Cortona On The Move, closed the 7th edition of the Festival which, in 2017, clocked up 30,000 visitors. And with 499 photos on exhibit, we attempted to transmit to those visitors the importance of photography as a means of communication and for understanding the world we live in.    

Programme for the 2017 edition of Cortona On The Move

Donna Ferrato – American Woman: 40 Years (1970s-2010s)
Matt Black – The Geography of Poverty
Andrea Frazzetta – Danakil – Land of Salt and Fire
Klaus Pichler – Golden Days Before They End
Jessica Backhaus – Rinascita In partnership with Aboca
Donald Weber – War Sand June 6, 1944: D-Day
Justyna Mielnikiewicz – The Meaning of a Nation_Russia and its Neighbours: Georgia and Ukraine
Luis Cobelo – Zurumbático
Daniel Castro Garcia – Foreigner
Francesco Comello – L’isola della salvezza In partnership with FIAF
Pete Souza – Obama: An Intimate Portrait
Miyuki Okuyama – Dear Japanese
Sandra Mehl – Ilona and Maddelena
Terje Abusdal – Slash & Burn
Antoine Bruy – Outback Mythologies: The White Man’s Hole
Farshid Tighehsaz – From Labyrinth
Adam Ferguson – The Afghans
Simone Donati – Non solo gol In partnership with Comune di Cortona
Michael Ewert – I giardini selvatici della memoria_Tracce di una vetrina Curated by Giulia Ticozzi
Silvia Amodio – L’arte del ritratto. Curated by Roberto Mutti from the Archivio Fotografico Fondazione 3M
AA.VV. – 36 Little Good Things. In partnership with Spacenomore

The 2017 edition of our Photobook Prize – a competition which rewards the best dummy photo books – was presented by Hannah Watson, director of Trolley Books and T J Boulting Gallery of Contemporary Art. The winning dummy was “Make a Wishby Loulou d’Aki which will be published as a book, courtesy of Cortona On The Move, and exhibited in the 2018 festival edition.    

During the 2017 edition, a jury composed of the entire portfolio review staff, presided over by Scott Thode, editorial director of VISURA.CO, selected the five most interesting portfolios. The first (tied) prize went to Hiroshi Okamoto for his projects We do not need you here” and “Recruit” and to Michela Benaglia and Emanuela Colombo for their project “The 7th generation prophecy”. Barbara Zanon, Betty Press e Martina Albertazzi were also rewarded for their projects.    

Happiness ONTHEMOVE:
With 193 entrants to the 6th edition of our Happiness ONTHEMOVE Prize, the winner was Pierfrancesco Celada for his project “Instagram Pier, Hong Kong”.

Launched by Cortona On The Move and LensCulture at the 2017 edition of the festival, there was a big turnout for our first New Visions call, with 938 projects sent in. The contest, open to photographers from all over the world, called for original documentary works that communicate a strong message and novel emotions. The works of 3 finalists: Terje Abusdal – Slash & Burn, Antoine Bruy – Outback Mythologies: The White Man’s Hole, Farshid Tighehsaz – From Labyrinth, will be placed on exhibition during Cortona On The Move 2018. The works of 4 finalists: Poike Stomps – Crossing Europe, Alexander Anufriev – Russia Close-up, Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni – This Land is My Land, Anu Kumar – Nagar, were published on the website. The works of Mankichi Shinshi – Natural Nature, Christian Werner – Rubble and Delusion, Antonio Faccilongo – Habibi, Kaja Rata – Kajnikaj, Michael Vince Kim – Aeikkaeng, Isadora Romero – Stardust, Piotr Zbierski – Push The Sky Away, and Francesco Zanet – Sicily Today were projected during the inaugural days of Cortona On The Move 2017, together with those of the 7 finalists.

The photo contest “Viaggi da Copertina”, launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lonely Planet, awarded the first 3 finalists with a place in a workshop held by photographer Richard L’Anson, while all 10 finalists had their work exhibited in a collective exhibition.

#ItalianiOnTheMove, a photo contest on Instagram launched by Cortona On The move in partnership with Huffington Post, called for images that would display a mosaic of modern Italy through positive stories about Italy’s ‘new citizens’ (settled immigrants). The 20 photos selected were published on Huffington Post and were also projected at the Cortona On The Move bookstore.