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2016 edition

Cortona On The Move – fotografia in viaggio

July 14 to October 2 2016

Director Antonio Carloni
Artistic Director Arianna Rinaldo

The programme for the sixth edition of the festival, full of events and emotions, tackles some important issues of our time, also deepening and expanding the core theme of telling a story about a journey, be it literal or metaphoric.

From tax havens to immigration, from the first European retrospective of master photographer Larry Towell to the futuristic archaeology of Daesung Lee, contemporary photographic research and the celebration of the great masters comes ever closer and truer to the Festival’s motto of ‘photography’on the move’ – fotografia in viaggio. This motto expresses our desire to explore the language of photography by showcasing cutting edge contemporary photographers from Italy and abroad; by promoting promising young talents; by celebration past masters of the art and through the rediscovery of historic photographic archives. Our ‘viaggio’ signifies a journey of discovery, of transformation, of personal evolution: each year the festival introduces to the public a new journey into awesome worlds and situations explored and immortalised through the language of photography.


Programme for Cortona On The Move 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS: the exhibition itinerary for the 2016 edition takes us from the single room occupancy for drug addicts in Family Love by Darcy Padilla to the tax havens portrayed by Paolo Woods andGabriele Galimberti with their The Heavens; through the horrors of contemporary war, photographed by Lynsey Addario in her It’s What I Do, to the frontiers of the American hinterland, documented by Lucas Foglia in Frontcountry. Together with Deasung Lee, winner of the Happiness On The move 2015 award, we discover the desertification of Mongolia in Futuristic Archaeology; with Rachel Papo‘s Homeschooled we meet the kids who study at home instead of going to regular schools in the U.S.A. We get to travel with the tinkers of Mattia Zoppelaro in his Appleby, and we journey into African countries with Simona Ghizzoni as she exposes in Uncut the barbarous but still widespread practice of female genital mutilation. Cortona On The Move also hosts a unique event with The Larry Towell Show – the first European retrospective of this great Canadian photographer. In conclusion, أوروب Europa is a special project for Cortona On The Move 2016 involving a photographic exhibition and a book to be distributed in the refugee reception centres around Europe. The أوروب Europa project, jointly produced with Magnum Photos and the Spanish association Al-liquindoi, is dedicated to immigrants and asylum seekers for the purpose introducing them to our continent through a series of images selected by Arianna Rinaldo from the Magnum agency archives.

COTM16 PHOTOBOOK REVIEW & PRIZE: one of the novelties for the 2016 edition of the festival is our Photobook Review and Prize, with a call for dummy or prototype photobook. Eleven works are to be chosen by Jörg Colbergof Conscientious Photography Magazine and published on the website of Cortona On The Move, five of which will be critiqued during the week of the festival inauguration, while one will published and placed on sale in the 2017 edition.

PORTFOLIO READINGS: interviews with top photography professionals.

OFF CIRCUIT: the 2016 edition call for new talent was answered by 1,136 young photographers. Finalists were: Anna Filipova – Research at the End of the World; Gabriele Duchi – Working Holiday Visa in Australia; Giulia Mangione – Danesland; Christian Werner – 74; Sandra Hoyn – The Longings of Others.

Happiness ONTHEMOVE COMPETITION: the call for professional photographers, which received 233 entries from around the world, crowned Klaus Pichler as the winner with his Golden Days project which will be shown during the 2017 edition of Cortona On The Move.