Cortona On The Move – fotografia in viaggio


July 21 to Sept 4

The first edition of Cortona On The Move international photography festival – fotografia in viaggio – was put on in 2011 after a prolific encounter between Associazione On The Move and Carlo Roberti, founder-director of Toscana Photographic Workshop. The festival was aimed at becoming a focal point for professional photographers, field experts, enthusiasts and visitors.

The central theme being that of a voyage, journey or migration to be recorded in images, emotions and testimonies. A voyage to discover or expose something, an adventure, a working itinerary or simply a journey back home. The exhibitions of top international exponents and emerging photographers alike have come to show how wide the variations on this theme can be for enterpreting, exploring and documenting a journey. Right from its very first edition the festival has organised workshops and meetings with experts in the field.


Programme for Cortona On The Move 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS: Alex Majoli with his Hotel Marinum: the towns, the ports and maritime people all over the globe; David Alan Harvey with Off for a Family Drive: a journey across the Magnum photographer’s America to document the American family in the Obama days; Andrea Pistolesi with Bangkok Soul: exploring the different faces of the capital by contrasting traditional culture with globalisation; Arno Minkkinen with A Sentimental Journey: from the roofs of New York to the mountains of China, from the sunsets of his native Finland to the deserts of Utah, self-portraits celebrating the Finnish photographer’s personal relationship with women and nature; Antonin Kratochvil with Galapagos: Kratochvil’s eye interprets the natural environment and ecosystem of Darwin’s islands, famous for the diversity of their species.

FOUR EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Flora with Isthmus: diary of a voyage around Tasmania, an intimate encounter with places and people; Gabriele Galimberti with Couchsurfing: portraits documenting the extraordinary, often surprising, multicultural human experience of the photographer as he travels round the globe, inviting himself to stay with his subjects and sleeping on their couches; Giulio Rimondi with Beirut Nocturne: a dream voyage around a city that only comes to life at night. A look at the Beirut of literature, of past grandeur and of its recent wartime memories; Giuseppe Moccia with Off the Shore: a story about a social project and a sailing school for people with Downs syndrome.

PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: photo editors from top national and international journals examine the work of young photographers

PASSION & PROFESSION: seminars and individual meetings with top Italian and European professional photographers, photo-editors, media editors and writers.

TOSCANA PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKSHOP:workshops with top international photographers

E-MAGAZINE:multimedia editors meet with members of the public

OFF CIRCUIT the town of Cortona becomes one giant exhibition space: restaurants, bars, wine retail shops and other public spaces are made available for young photographers to exhibit their work.