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Zurumbático is a never ending journey to the place where writer Gabriel García Márquez’s book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” was born. A story full of the lifeblood that permeates thousands of Latin American pueblitos, the roots of that giant empirical hemisphere – passionate, forgotten, fickle, violent and, above all, happy.

Aracataca is the country where Gabriel García Márquez was born and which inspired his original Macondo. This place, and the surrounding geographical area in this Caribbean part of Colombia, was my starting point. The book was my leitmotiv and what emerged was a set of spontaneous and original images: a process of intimate, poetical, magical, dreamlike and sometimes painful self-examination loaded with symbolism and enigmatic stories linked to this way of being a “continent”, that for me meant a rebirth as a person, as an individual who is nurtured by this bleeding, Latin-American spinal cord.

Zurumbático is a tunnel of feelings, sensations, e ects and special events which I enter and exit whenever I choose. Submerged in this dimension, I came to understand, to recon rm, that all that is extraordinary, unusual or commonplace in life, the comical and even the tragical, has no explanation. We should not ask for one and we should not seek one. That’s all. Fullstop.



Number of photo

30 prints, 4 blow up (to be produced), 6 wallpaper (to be produced)


30 framed prints mounted on forex 5 mm, 4 blow up – print on foam material (to be produced), 6 wallpaper (to be produced)


24 prints 70 x 46 cm, 6 prints 100 x 66 cm, 2 blow up 190 x 125 cm (to be produced), 2 blow up 190 x 286 cm (to be produced), 1 wallpaper 133 x 200 cm (to be produced), 1 wallpaper 200 x 300 cm (to be produced), 1 wallpaper 195 x 286 cm (to be produced),  3 wallpaper 195 x 291 cm (to be produced)

Frame size

24 frames 71,5 x 47,5 cm, 6 frames 101,5 x 67,5 cm

Linear development

43 mt minimum (spaces not included)

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