Theater of Life

“Theater of Life” is a very personal project about life how I perceive it. It is an exploration of surrealism in everyday life.

It is an essay that is a combination of my experiences and thoughts about what surrounds me. As a result of fast-changing technological developments that are shaping our lives and the invading presence of mass media, many people seem to feel disconnected from the world. These off moments are what interest me. Today, the place of the divine power has been taken over by mass media, which shapes our lives, tells us what is right or wrong and creates the narrative of our existence.

We are under the influence of a mass culture that comes straight from the television and the Internet. It seems to me, people are increasingly getting lost between the borders of two worlds: the real world in which they live, and the world created by the media. This phenomenon can most notably be seen in most highly developed countries, where people rely more and more on technology in everyday life, where mass media has had the greatest impact on people.


Theater of Life by Tomasz Lazar

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Photos are printed on Canson Photographique Satin paper.
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