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Cortona, a place and an adventure that are to be told with Renata Ferri and Paolo Verzone

July 12-13-14, 2019Centro Convegni Sant’Agostino
When the unusual becomes extraordinary: chronicle of a workshop, discover the images created by the participants during the opening days of the festival.

Cortona On The Move is more than just a festival: it is an experience that has changed and transformed the community

Are there still commissions?
Sure, but sometimes they have to be invented creatively.

For this reason, we have thought of a workshop that merges the experience of COTM with the representation of Cortona, to give back to the city – through photography – the atmosphere that it has offered to the festival.

The first of these workshops will take place in Cortona on 12/13/14 July 2019.

We rely on professionals to learn how to tell and give back to our clients a vision that, year after year, will be updated. Cortona becomes a visual diary in which to record the nuances and transformations of the city. That’s why we accepted the proposal of a great photographer and a great editor.

Renata Ferri and Paolo Verzone both share a love of photography, the curiosity to discover its changing possibilities, and both have experienced transversal paths: newspapers, corporate, independent projects and curatorships. Through their experience, they will support young people and passionate photographers, in the field and in the editing phase.  A theoretical and practical workshop that combines the experiences of an editor and a photographer.

Every year, this experience will be entrusted to a Canon Ambassador to seal the great friendship with Canon and give Cortona a continuity of vision and constant monitoring of its transformations, ensuring a tutoring that is constantly enriched by the personality and language of the different ambassadors.

An exhibition and a screening will be the constituent elements of a corpus that, over time, will give Cortona a historicization of the many aspects of its beauty.

To tell Cortona by concentrating the narration in the lively days of the festival, is an extraordinary opportunity: in mid-July the town is at its best, the festive atmosphere and the presence of tourists make it even more full of stimuli. The aim is to create a story that restores the landscape, the history, the habits, the presences and the complex variety of Cortona.

How does it work?

The group work will take place in three sessions:

First session

  • presentation of each person’s portfolio
  •  identification of participant’s skills
  • construction of the “assignment for Cortona” project
  • identification of the topics to be covered

Second session

  • field shooting coordinated by Paolo Verzone
  • landscape – tourism – food – daily life – portrait – events

Third session

  • image editing with Ferri & Verzone
  •  presentation of the work done with Ferri & Verzone
  • construction of the portfolio to be presented in paper/video and web formats.

Chi è Renata Ferri?

Renata Ferri born in Rome in 1964, she currently lives in Milan.

A journalist and photo editor, she began her professional career as a photographer, and soon broadened her career, first as an archivist, then as an agent and, finally, as head of photography and production at Contrasto – a role she would hold for many years. In 2005, she left the agency to take on the role of editor-in-chief photo editor of Io donna, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera. In 2010, she also became in charge of Amica, the monthly magazine of Rcs Mediagroup.

In these years she has been curating a blog of photography stories on ilpost. In 2018, she interrupted her collaboration with Amica to devote herself full time to the new iO Donna.  

In these three decades of activity, alongside her work in the agency and in the newspapers, she has been teaching in private and university courses – for World Press Photo she has carried out a photographic training project in Angola. She has held conferences, written about photographers and photographs, and edited publications and exhibition projects for individual and collective authors.

She is a member of numerous juries, both Italian and international, including two editions of the World Press Photo.

Chi è Paolo Verzone?

Paolo Verzone was born in Turin in 1967 and took an interest in photography from an early age. He now divides his time between Italy and Spain. In 1991 he undertook a joint project with Alessandro Albert shooting portraits of Moscovites which was then published in book form by Peliti Associati, entitled Volti di Passaggio (Passing Faces). His Moscow portraits won him the Kodak European Panorama prize in 1992. He contributes as a photo journalist and portrait photographer with leading international and Italian journals, such as Time, Newsweek, Le Monde, The Independent, Sunday Times , Liberation, Vanity Fair, D la Repubblica delle Donne, Geo, Io Donna, GQ, Amica, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Courier International, Das Magazin.

In 2014 he completed a book project on the Military Academies of Europe entitled Cadets, published by Editions de la Martinière.

In recent years he has received accolades for his work from: World Press Photo 2001, 2009 and 2015, Canon Giovani fotografi, Leica Oskar Barnak Award finalist, American Photography 2009-10 and the Sony Photography award 2011.

His photography is included in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum of London, the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris and the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica in Rome.

Paolo Verzone is a member of the Agence Vu de Paris agency and was nominated a Canon Ambassador in 2017.

Materials: your camera, your laptop, your portfolio.

The workshop is for: People regardless of age and language – with a basic experience in photography.

Date: July 12,13,14, 2019

Time: Start at 10 am on July 12. Program to be scheduled day by day with the professors.

Where: Centro Convegni Sant’Agostino, Via Guelfa, 40, Cortona

Minimum number participants: 7

Maximum number participants: 15

Cost: 250€ (Discount of 10% to OnTheMove Club members)

Once the payment has been made, the amount will not be reimbursed, unless the teacher is absent or if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Info: if you want to have more info please write to Jonathan:

Accommodation: we will help all members to find suitable accommodation through our local network of property owners. For information write to