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COTM 2020


The 2020 edition will focus on the Future and how humans, science and technology interact in its making.

When we look to the Future, many thoughts cross our mind.
Are we going to be happy? How will we move from point A to B? What will our food look like? Will there be enough for all? Are we going to live longer, look different, know better? Will we be living on planet Earth?
Technology and innovation in many fields are certainly going to be major factors in our future evolution: how will we communicate, cure ourselves, love each other, express our opinions?
The Future Human is for many a mystery (a mix of Star Wars and Avengers with a touch of The Planet of the Apes and Blue Lagoon): Utopias can be different for each of us, but reality, including science, medicine and environment, plus the inevitable human flaws make a vision of the Future really blurry.
At Cortona On The Move we always try to look ahead with strong roots in the past and careful observation of the present. We tell stories of the world. We try to do it with a new grammar and original visions, offering various perspectives and innovative tales.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the festival we celebrate the road taken, and take up the challenge to imagine what our world will look like. Social relationships, human values, technological inventions, lifestyle choices and geopolitical maps: we open our eyes to what can be.

Arianna Rinaldo, Artistic director