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For us at Cortona On The move, to say the future belongs to the young is not just empty rhetoric.
In order to comprehend the beauty, power and significance of a photograph in a world dominated by media communications and by the background noise of millions of images, one must learn how to distinguish between art, reality and manipulation. Now more than ever before, it is important to stimulate the critical faculties of the younger generations so they are able to look beyond the image.
Our guided tours of Cortona On The Move photography festival are a valid support in the educative process of young people, helping to stimulate their creative development, lateral thinking and associative learning abilities.
Immersed in an atmosphere of ‘sharing’ as an authentic experience rather than just a virtual function of the social media, pupils can interact with the guide and learn how to use their critical faculties to assess the stylistic merits of the observed work, while expressing their opinion as to why certain photos captivate them more than others.
Apart from the positive educational and cultural aspects of this extracurricular itinerary, students will become fully-immersed in a unique and inspirational environment, discovering and connecting with its artistic, cultural and historical roots. The itinerary will also help bring them to a new level of understanding and personal maturity thanks to this experience which is as fascinating and enjoyable as it is informative.


Guided tours will be available from the beginning of the Autumn 2021 school term, until October 3


Educational visits are to be made during school hours using transportation provided by the local authorities, by the school itself or by vehicles hired at the students’ expense. Students must be accompanied by their class teacher or course tutor.

Each guided tour will proceed as follows:
– meeting and presentation of the festival;
– brief introductory talk about the contents of the exhibitions to be visited and the photographers who produced them;
– guided tour complete with commentary and stylistic analysis of the photographs on exhibition;
– final group debate in which students will be invited to comment on the images they thought were the most impressive;
– students will collect info and materials during the tour as per instructions received prior to their visit;

The guided tours will take place in compliance with the health safety and prevention of COVID-19 infection rules.


The visit costs 3 euros per student, which includes the guided tour and entry tickets to all the exhibitions.
Schools and colleges interested in taking part in the initiative can book their visit by writing to: .