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September 25 and 26

Are you looking for guidance with your photographic research?
Would you like advice from a professional to help you complete a project?  


Enroll for a portfolio review at Cortona On The Move and have your work assessed by national and international photo editors and professionals.

Develop your work by analyzing each individual step with a view to improvement and growth, from conception to implementation and on to publication, with the experience of field experts who can help you to understand which aspects to improve and how to move in today’s photographic world.

When booking a review you can choose between 2 options, depending on to how much time you need to present your work: 

  • the BASIC for a 20-minute review 
  • the PREMIUM for a 60-minute review

Portfolio Reviews will be at Centro Convegni Sant’Agostino, Via Guelfa 40. 

  • BASIC selling price 30€
  • PREMIUM selling price 79€

ONTHEMOVE Club members can buy the portfolio reviews with a discount of 10%. 

Reservations will only be reimbursed if your reader of choice is absent during the allocated space.

 Below the list of the reviewers:

Andrea Comollo Director of Communication – WeWorld onlus
Giuseppe La Rosa Multimedia Content Manager MSF Italy
Anna Pasquale Content Manager OXFAM
Giovanni Pelloso Journalist, Independent Curator, University Professor. Corriere della Sera IULM University
Fiona Shields Head of Photography – Guardian News & Media
Andreas Trampe Director of photography – Stern Magazine
Nicoletta Ianniello Head of content – Save The Children