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Fifty years of photographic memories between the city and the University of Georgia

For fifty years Cortona has been the setting of a very special encounter: that of its residents and students of the University of Georgia. During this time they have shared friendships, relationships, sometimes even love stories that have lasted a lifetime, a rich history lived across the two sides of the Ocean. Since 1970, UGA Cortona has changed the life of many people: some arrived to further their education and returned home with much more, some never went back, some left, while others had the chance to widen their horizons without setting foot outside the city walls. The experience of UGA in Cortona is the story of two cultures that across five decades have intertwined and enriched one another, leaving a deep mark in the lives of those who have lived this adventure.

Cortona On The Move has always closely observed what takes place in its surroundings and uses photography as a means to express it.

From July 3st to December 31st 2018 upload your photos and share your story. The best photos will be displayed in an exhibition in honour of the 50th anniversary of UGA Cortona in 2019, and published in a commemorative book.


How to take part

Select a maximum of 5 photos to share. Each photo must adhere to the following criteria: .JPEG file format, in colour or black and white, and not over 2 MB.
Each file must be named as follows: the title of the file must respect the sequence SURNAME, NAME INITIAL, NUMBER OF THE IMAGE IN SEQUENCE (i.e: Mario Rossi will register his files as ROSSI_M_001.jpeg, ROSSI_M_002.jpeg, etc).