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Via Raimondo Bistacci

Open to the public

July 15 – Sept 3 10am to 8pm

Sept 4 – Oct 1 10am to 7pm

There has probably been a fortress on the hilltop overlooking Cortona since the 5th or 6th century BC, but it only took on its present appearance during the De Medici period.

In 1556, by the order of Cosimo De Medici the 1st, construction work began on the four bastions that determined its distinctive shape. Since that time it has dominated the town of Cortona, and over the intervening centuries it has been used variously as a fort, a prison and a refuge, while today it is one of the main tourist attractions of our Tuscan hilltown. Right from the very first edition in 2011, we have used the fortress as an exhibition site for Cortona On The Move – fotografia in viaggio. In 2015 the Cortona district government (Comune) entrusted the management of the fortress to the cultural Association ONTHEMOVE for the purpose of transforming it into an international centre for the visual arts