This Is the End
Curated by Paolo Woods & Irene Opezzo

Since the essence of photography is that it records what “has been,” it is indissolubly linked with death. It is therefore not surprising that since the invention of the medium, death has been one of its recurring themes. Yet in Western societies where photography first developed, the dead body has been gradually rendered invisible, almost a visual taboo. In This Is the End we explore how death has been portrayed by all kinds of photography for the purpose of documentation or celebration, through works that are historical, vernacular, anthropological or artistic. Death has never been more alive than at the Body of Evidence edition of COTM 2024.

The exhibition includes works by: Klaus Bo, Duane Michals, Virginie Rebetez, Walter Schels and Beate Lakotta, Regula Tschumi, Franco Zecchin, and many others.

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