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Simon Norfolk

Crime Scenes


For the first time, four projects by Simon Norfolk are presented together in a curated exhibition with the provocative title “Crime Scenes”. Norfolk’s work has always dealt with landscape and time, and the human layers that territory carries. Wars and history, and all human actions leave traces on the land; most recently, with a serious ecological concern. Glaciers, Afghanistan, Rwanda and WWI are the focus of these works united in Cortona in an attempt to create a space for meditating and reflecting on how we, has humans, affect the land, thus our own existence. The four exhibited projects are: Time Taken, Trajectory, When I Am Laid in Earth and Shroud (this last one co-authored with Klaus Thymann for Project Pressure).

Simon Norfolk (1963, Lagos, Nigeria) lives in Hove and Kabul. He is a landscape photographer fascinated by Time’s layerdness.