Niccolò Rastrelli
They Don’t Look Like Me

The idea that we can change our identity by altering our appearance is as ancient as our consciousness of the body itself. Perhaps the most contemporary manifestation of this phenomenon is the practice of cosplay, embodied by digital natives. The term originates from the abbreviation of “costume + play,” indicating both the act of dressing up and the costume itself. In his project They Don’t Look Like Me, Niccolò Rastrelli explores this phenomenon. He embarks on a journey to Italy, Kenya and Japan, where he portrays cosplayers with their families, often creating ironic short circuits between bourgeois “normality” and the “extraordinariness” of an imagined life.


Niccolò Rastrelli (1977, Florence, Italy) is a documentary photographer and portraitist. He lives and works in Milan. His research is focused on people and the manifestation of their identity.
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