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Founded in 2011 by the Associazione Culturale ONTHEMOVE, the principal objective of Cortona On The Move is to spread and promote contemporary photography by bringing new creative talents and novel forms of visual communication to the forefront.

Under the artistic direction of Arianna Rinaldo, the festival provides a continuing exchange between field experts and a ceaseless search for work which represents the ongoing evolution of the photographic language, all showcased within the enchanting Etruscan hilltown of Cortona.

Cortona On The Move is a dynamic centre of contemporary photography, where experimentation and a watchful eye on the future development of visual communications are at home. Our key words are: originality of vision and authenticity in approach to the reality that surrounds us in order to narrate stories through images that reach a vast public.

It is exactly this approach which has enabled us to grow rapidly to become a reference point, not only for accomplished photographers and amateurs alike, but also for a national and international audience that is attentive to contemporary cultural trends. An approach which has spawned continual growth in the number of visitors, volunteers and professionals who come to the festival.

But photography isn’t the only valuable asset of Cortona On The Move. It also cherishes and promotes worthy icons of the local economy, which has made it possible, year after year, to re-open prestigious old buildings for the benefit of the town – dilapidated and abandoned buildings that have now become spectacular exhibition locations.

The best festival in Europe if not the world.

Donald Winslowphotoreporter, 2013

Here is a terrific festival that I was part of last summer. Maybe the best I have ever been part of!

Joel Meyerowitzphotographer 2013


Arianna Rinaldo

Arianna Rinaldo

Artistic director

Antonio Carloni


Veronica Nicolardi

Project manager

Luca Faenzi

Press office

Federica Cerbarano

Exhibition manager

Francesco Colombelli

Set-up manager

Nicola Tiezzi


Alessio Barbini

ONTHEMOVE Administration

Carmen Liuzzi

ONTHEMOVE Administration

Simona Nandesi

Accomodation Manager


Liza Faktor
Arena – Video and Beyond, Curator

Andrea Arena
Arena – Video and Beyond, Producer


Vittoria Castagna
Partnership Consultant

The Trip Agency
Website And Social Media

Lucia Masserini
Press Office

Elsa Moro
Exhibition Graphic Design

Nadia Rancati
Graphic Design – Studiometria

Sara Caloni
Exhibition Assistant

Francesca Bucaletti
Production Assistant

Mario Nannetti, Enrico Pallini
Set-Up Technicians

Veronica Ferri
Accommodation Assistant

Andrea Biagioni
Editorial Design

Laura Chiarotto
Portfolio Reviews Coordinator

Andrea Milluzzi

Andrea Mariani, Daniele Ratti
Public Relations

Valentina Scaramella

Dora Binnella
Visual Merchandiser And Store Planner

Giacomo Cardone
Locations Supervisor