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Ute Noll

DU Magazine

Since 2007, Ute Noll runs her project agency, ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLLUSTRATION Photography & Illustration in Stuttgart/Germany.

Is working internationally as a photo director, author, curator and university lecturer (www.on-photography.com). Since2013 the prestigious swiss DU magazine for culture, art and modern life based in Zürich (www.du-magazin.com) is her clieng for whom she is working as their photo director. Since its beginning in 2004 she is a team-curator a the DARMSTÄDTER PHOTOGRAPHY DAYS, an international photofestival (www.dtdf.de). For many years she has been teaching at the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES in Bielefeld. She writes for photo magazines such as PHOTONEWS and PHOTO INTERNATIONAL. In her gallery, UNO ART SPACE, Stuttgart. Ute Noll exhibitsinternational contemporary photographers, sometimesalso discoveries from portfolio reviews (www.unoartspace.com).

Ute Noll has a german M.A. in Sociology and in addition studied photography and videography in theUSA. She concentrates primarily on exeptionalphotography that often contain social or cultural themestied to conceptional strength and correspondingaesthetics. Have a look at her webpage and FB to find out. Moreover she can offer advice on how to completeor improve works in progress as well as suggestions onpresenting finished projects. Ideally, photographersshould present a portfolio of actual prints, as opposed to books or screen-based presentations. Ute Noll is notinterested in not seeing commercial or fashion or nudework.

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