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Simone Donati

Non solo gol

“Non solo gol” is a project that was executed especially for Cortona On the Move photography festival, commissioned by the Comune of Cortona as part of its “Lo sport un compagno di vita” (Sport a friend for life) scheme. Photographer Simone Donati of the Florentine photography collective TerraProject has immortalised the invaluable work of the local Cortonese sporting associations and social clubs which look after old folk and disadvantaged people.

And sport is the link which unites the people portrayed in these photos, from the local football team to the mountain bikers, to the tennis, basket ball, volley ball and rugby players, and many other activities. Cortona and its surrounding catchment area depends on the daily efforts of Cooperatives such as CAM, which organises therapeutic sporting activities like swimming, riding and bowls for people with psychiatric issues; KOINÈ which supervises swimming and tennis for the physically disabled; COMARS which provides physical and social rehabilitation for the aged; and ATHENA, a health care cooperative providing teaching support and assistance for children with special needs.

“Non solo gol” shines a light on this world of commitment, solidarity and tradition.

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