©Silvia Amodio

Silvia Amodio

The art of portraiture

Curated by Roberto Mutti

From the photo archive of 3M Foundation

Silvia Amodio’s portraits are not casual. They are the result of a carefully and attentively controlled environment decided by the photographer. Under various circumstances, such as photographing people suffering from albinism, malnutrition in Burkina Faso, the child labourers of Peru or dogs with their owner, Amodio is well aware that a portrait is far more than a straightforward likeness of the poser; it is also a distinctive hallmark of the photographer who created it.

She places her sitters in front of a plain background and asks them just to be themselves; to observe her as she shoots with the same attitude of natural curiosity that a person feels when relating in silence to someone they are interested in.

The series exhibited in Cortona, from the collection of the Fondazione 3M and curated by Roberto Mutti, enhances her modus operandi which combines a strong aesthetic sense with an equally pronounced ethical commitment.

Silvia Amodio (1968, Milan, Italy) is a journalist, photographer and documentary producer.

For five years she has been promoting her “HumanDog” project, an itinerant investigation into the zoo-anthropological relationship between dogs and their owners. She is currently promoting Io ero, sono, sarò (“I was, I am, I will be”) - a photographic work which very delicately narrates the stories of women who are suffering from breast cancer.

©Silvia Amodio

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